Perhaps, there wouldn’t be even one person who never heard of an iconic international singer Celine Dion. A future worldwide-known pop-star was born in Canada and was the youngest among 14 kids in a family. A young starlet grew up in a family filled with love to children and music and so, no wonder Celine began singing as early as 7. At 12, her brother sent one of the songs to Rene Angelil due to whom, Dion started rising to fame, releasing albums and receiving dozens of awards in the musical industry. She was already one of the most popular singers in the world, however the hit My Heart Will Go On let her stay on top of the charts for another long period of time. Celine’s father Adhemar-Charles worked as a butcher. Having such kind of a job, meant that the family could hardly make the ends meet. However, according to the star, they have always been very happy even though they struggled financially. Adhemar was married to Therese for several decades until his death in 2003, at the age of 80. The mother Therese was a housewife, who raised 14 children. She is very proud of daughter’s achievements and always helped her in the beginning of a career. When Dion became famous, Therese established a line of food products. Additionally, she cooperates with different charities, helping unprivileged kids. The celebrity has 13 siblings, 4 brothers and 9 sisters. The first child in a family is a daughter Denise who was delivered in 1946. She is happily married and together with a spouse raised six children. One more sister is Clement and she was born a year after Denise. She is an owner of a golf course and a mother to four kids. There is no information, whether she is married or not. The third sister Claudette joined the family in 1948 and is a singer. She is not that famous as Celine, yet is known in Canada, as she often performs there. She is married and raised four children. Finally, she is also a grandmother to six grandchildren. The fourth sister is Liette. She is married to Guy Poirier and together they had a daughter Karine who died at the age of 16 from cystic fibrosis. Later, the husband was diagnosed with cancer but is fully recovered now. Michel is that same brother who sent Dion’s song to Angelil. By doing so, he didn’t only make his sister professionally successful but also found her a spouse. Michel himself used to sing in a band. He is not married and doesn’t have kids. Louise became a great addition in 1953. Nothing much is known about her, as she prefers to live a calm life far from the limelight. But we do know that she is married and a mother to 3 children. A brother Jacques is a singer like a famous sister. Both siblings are very close and sometimes even help each other with music ideas. He is a father to a son. One more brother is Daniel who was born in 1956. He is currently the only sibling who passed away. It happened in 2016 from cancer, just several days before Celine’s spouse died from the same illness. He was a singer and had his own show. Additionally, he was married and had three kids. Ghislaine was delivered in 1958 and she worked as a back-up singer for Celine for some period of time. She has a spouse and one daughter. A year later, Linda came into this world. She is married but doesn’t have children on her own because of health problems. Whenever, Celine is on tour, she gladly takes care of her kids. One more older sister is named Manon and she works as Celine’s personal assistant, so both siblings are very close. She has a long-term partner but no children. Paul was born in 1962 and he helps mom with her charity activities and foundation. He is a father to three daughters and a spouse to Lucie Hebert. Pauline is another Dion’s sister who actively manages Celine’s fan club and various events. She is a mother to six children with a spouse Marc Martel. That is all. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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